101 goals in 1001 days//January 1, 2008

last updated 4/23/08

1. Buy a house
2. Visit Jen in North Carolina
3. Complete a 365 days project
4. Revisit my history of photography book and check out some classic photographers
5. Start exercising on a regular basis
6. Break my soda addiction
7. Take a photo road trip
8. Go to Thailand
9. Shoot a destination wedding
10. Visit family in NJ
11. Take photos of my grandmother
12. Buy and use a Holga
13. Get a shoe organizer from the Container Store for the hall closet
14. Get into WPJA
15. Build a darkroom. An actual film darkroom. Black and white, of course!
16. Actually use the Learn Italian CD I got.
17. Go to Italy
18. Attend a workshop by a photographer I admire
19. Clean out my closet, make donations to charity
20. Go see Kater in Spokane (or where ever the heck she moves to!)
21. Go to Burning Man
22. Go to the Albuquerque Hot Air Balloon Festival
23. Go back to Maui PLANNED FOR JULY!
24. Have my images displayed in an art gallery
25. Go to the Orlando Museum of Art
26. Update my wardrobe
27. Buy a Prius
28. Visit the Big Island of Hawaii PLANNED FOR MAY
29. Go to a state fair or other traveling carnival type event
30. Get my hubby to roll over his 401k into an IRA
31. Organize my office closet
32. Learn how to drive a stick shift
33. Start playing tennis again (at least twice a month)
34. Get monthly pedicures
35. Keep more up-to-date on the news
36. Start cooking dinner on a regular basis again (at least 3x/week)
38. Grow, and keep alive, an herb garden
39. Read at least three non-fiction books every 6 months
40. stop biting my nails
41. Learn how to make sushi
42. Learn how to scuba dive
43. Cut as much junk food as possible out of my diet
44. watch at least 3 classic movies I haven’t seen
45. read at least 3 classic books I haven’t read
46. make a pinhole camera out of something odd
47. Visit New Zealand
48. Learn how to knit
49. catch up with old friends
50. Take my vitamins every day.
51. have my car detailed
52. Get our wills done
53. Perfect the art of the double cheek kiss greeting without looking/feeling like an awkward spaz
54. volunteer at the animal shelter
55. Go camping
56. Lower my cholesterol
57. Pay off debt
58. Keep it paid off
59. Ride in a hot air balloon
60. skydive
61. party like it’s 1999
62. get my teeth whitened
63. dance in the rain
64. photograph lightening
65. Go to Key West
66. Plan something special for our 10th anniversary (11/7/2012)
67. buy a new mattress
68. spend the day lounging in bed, just because (odd that this occurred just after #67, no?)
69. have a Lord of the Rings marathon
70. go antiquing. buy something cool for the house.
71. floss daily. Ok, at least 3x/week.
72. Brush up on my art history
73. Max out my IRA contributions each year
74. start a personal photography project
75. bake bread from scratch more often
76. watch a shuttle launch from Port Canaveral
77. see the goat races in Tobago
78. keep a travel journal
79. organize my own personal photos
80. use sunscreen religiously
81. keep my visual journal updated
82. do a last minute weekend trip – literally buy a cheap ticket to where ever on a Thursday and head off for the weekend
83. visit the 4 Corners area of the US
84. hire an assistant
85. have lunch with Amy
86. Jellyrolls
87. take a day off (once in a while!)
88. Get a new P&S
89. 2nd shoot a wedding with a photographer I admire
90. Join toastmasters
91. go to wppi
92. speak at a workshop
93. mentor young women in photography
94. visit my San Fran peeps PLANNED FOR AUGUST
95. go to the beach more often (except during the Red Tide!)
96. shoot an urban trash the dress
97. start marketing senior portraits
98. call Robert
99. update my vendor list
100. learn how to surf
101. visit each continent

Updated 9/6/08


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