Boudoir Basics :: Tips for getting the most out of your boudoir session//February 25, 2009

I shoot a lot of boudoir sessions – most of which you’ll never see here on the blog, out of respect for my client’s privacy. {Samples are available to clients interested in booking a session.} To help these lovely ladies get the most from their shoots, I’ve created a tip sheet to help them prepare. Here are a few highlights!

– Take care of any hair removal prior to the shoot.
– Avoid the sun for a few days before the shoot (sun burn is not a flattering look for anyone!) If you want that sun kissed look, use a self tanner or get a spray tan.
– For great looking skin,do a full body exfoliation and follow up with a good moisturizer.
– Get a mani and pedi so your fingers and toes look extra pretty.
– Drink plenty of water, both on the day of the shoot and the day before.
– Leave yourself plenty of time to get to the shoot. If you’re running late and feeling stressed, it shows on your face!
– Have a light snack prior ot the shoot to avoid the crankies, but don’t eat a big meal.
– Make sure all your clothing and props are clean and in good condition. Clothing should fit well and flatter your figure. Remove all the tags so they don’t show in the photos.
– Come with clean hair and a clean face to give the stylist a blank canvas. She’ll discuss your style with you and come up with a look that’s sexy and flattering.

– A comfy robe to wear during hair & make-up. This will also prevent unflattering marks on your skin from more fitted clothing.
– A great pair of heels (or a few!) Heels give you better posture, so bring at least one pair of basic black and, if you like, a few colorful pairs to go with some of our outfits. Boots are also a fun option!
– Your wardrobe choices (see the suggestions below).
– A good body moisturizer.
– Any photos you might want to emulate.
– Most importantly, your sassy self-confidence!

* His favorite team sweatshirt or jersey
* His favorite shirt (and necktie)
* An evening dress
* An off the shoulder top
* Fuzzy sweater
* Hats and gloves
* Stockings
* Anything sheer, transparent, or clingy
* Boy Shorts
* Colorful panties and bra
* short shorts
* Lingerie
* Anything that he gave you – guys love to see that you love their gifts!
* colorful bath towel (to wrap you in!)
* fitted tank tops or tiny t-shirts
* Leather anything
* Mini Skirt
* Scarves (as an outfit!)
* Boxer shorts
* Something funny or a special Halloween costume
* Flowers/flower petals
* Sun glasses
* Strands of beads or pearls
* jewelry to dress up your looks
* hats
* feather boas
* bubble bath if you want to do a tub shot

Be creative! Think about it from his perspective as you make your decisions. After all, this is a present for him, so imagine what he would prefer as you go through the closet.


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